Yes, nobody’s perfect but you don’t have to fall for common mistakes also. This article will focus on common mistakes car buyers make when purchasing a car. As you know, cars are an expensive asset and you don’t want to end up full of regrets because you screwed up during the selection process. We will show you how to avoid common mistakes so that you won’t end up blaming yourself.

Settling for a Car that Does Not Satisfy You

Most car buyers are on a tight budget and because of this limitation, people tend to go for cars that is just good enough to drive around with. This type of mentality is wrong. Don’t force yourself into paying for a car that you don’t actually like! If you are going to invest in a car, make sure that it satisfies not just your transportation needs but also your own self. If you are limited by money, there are a lot of lending institutions that offer a variety of auto financing options. They even offer auto loans for people with bad credit. This is a big investment so make sure that you are happy with it.

Choosing a Car that Doesn’t Fulfill Your Needs

This is somehow related with the first point that we have mentioned. When looking for a car, make sure that you are looking at the right ones. How would you know this? By choosing a car that suits your needs and daily lifestyle.

If you’re not sure what to look for, visit your local car dealer and ask for recommendations. They are experts when it comes to choosing a type of vehicle that will fulfill your both your needs and wants. For instance, if you like to travel a lot, choosing a sports utility vehicle (SUV) might be better than a standard sedan.

Following Bad Car Advice

This mistake can really be painful especially when you have already committed to it. Imagine yourself, driving and paying for a car that you don’t like just because you followed a bad advice, awful right? Another possible scenario is that you agreed on an auto loan term that involves very high interest or maybe terms that is not ideal to your current financial status.

It is worth noting that before making a car purchase, always take the time to put into consideration your needs.

Below are more tips that will save you from a life of regret and can help you choose the right car.

  • Number of People That You Often Drive Around With
  • Length of Commute
  • Nature of Your Job
  • Fuel Efficiency of the Car
  • Lifestyle ( i.e. if you travel a lot with friends or family you might need a roof rack)

Want a mid-size crossover that’s a little bit larger and lets you fit the entire family? Well then these three-row options are definitely ones you won’t want to miss out on. You’ll have a whole lot of space and you’re still going to love the fact that each one is easy to drive and doesn’t make you feel like a stereotypical soccer mom. You want something that looks good and not something that says you do nothing in life but cart kids around … right?


Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is the first one on our list and we love it because space is the number one thing with this vehicle. It’s actually fairly large and a little rougher around the edges, but it still has a more SUV vibe than a truck one like a lot of SUV’s are going to. This one lets you get a regular V-6 or you can get a Hemi V-8, so you’re definitely going to have the power of a truck to go with it and you get to choose between rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. If you’re interested in towing there’s a great towing package and you get Uconnect infotainment.


Honda PilotThe Honda Pilot is another popular vehicle that actually gives you a whole lot of space. You get up to 26 miles per gallon on one tank, which may seem a little low but when you think about just how large this vehicle is (it can hold up to eight people plus cargo in the back) you’re actually doing pretty well. Not only that but it’s designed with an all-wheel drive system that gets you where you want to go no matter what you have to go through to get there. Whether you need to drive through snow, dirt, mud or anything else, you’re going to have no problem with this vehicle and you’re going to get all kinds of advanced safety features to go along with it.

Hyundai Santa FeFinally, the Hyundai Santa Fe is another one that’s going to combine a sleek looking SUV with the space and components that you really want and need. This vehicle is right about the same price as the others and offers about the same space on the inside. You’ll be able to fit the entire family and you’ll have no trouble adding all their belongings in the back. All you will need to do is decide which drive option you’re going with and which of the really cool features like a 12-speaker audio system, hands-free liftgate or Android Auto. If you’re interested in getting one of these for yourself you will definitely want to take a look at your car loan options and you could be driving one before you know it.

0rjJAu5kIf you’ve started looking for your next car you definitely want to think about looking at the reviews for that car. Anything you think might be a good option should be looked at from someone else’s perspective as well and the best idea you’re going to get about what car is really right for you is going to come from the people who already own it. They know everything there is to know about that vehicle and they definitely know what’s good and bad about it. That’s going to be extremely important so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

When you check out those reviews you’re going to have a better idea of what you really want to do about that car. The people who have owned it for a while are going to be able to tell you what’s gone wrong, what they really like and what they really don’t and you’ll be able to make a better decision about whether that vehicle is really going to be the best thing for you and your family. All that information is going to be difficult to get any other way, after all.

What dealership is going to tell you about the things people don’t like about the car? Sure they’ll tell you if there has been any recall work done because they have to. But they’re not going to tell you people think the seats are uncomfortable or the radio is difficult to work. It’s not required for them to tell you those things so they’re going to skip right over and try to tell you all the good things, or what the manufacturer has told them about those features instead of what customers say.

The owner is going to be honest because they have absolutely nothing to gain or lose by telling you what they really do think. Being honest is just that to them and it’s going to help someone else buy a car that they’ll like. Checking out forums and owner websites is going to be the best way you’ll find these honest reviews so make sure you’re working on cultivating some relationships where people will tell you what they think. Talk to friends or family who have purchased certain vehicles to find out what they think about them and use that information to make an educated decision about what you want.

There’s a lot of information out there and it’s not always easy to know who you should trust, but at the same time, you’re going to have plenty of input from real people who’ve done the same thing you did, buy a new car. If you’re in the market make sure that you’re talking to someone about those cars and then make sure that you have a great loan that’s going to help you pick one up when you decide exactly what you want. You can find out more about loans or even get started on your application for a car loan right here.

auto-loanYour credit report is something that is going to be brought up whenever you apply for just about anything. If you want to get a house the mortgage company is going to run your credit score. If you want to get a new credit card the store will run your credit score and definitely if you want to get Car Loans Canada, the seller is going to run your credit score. But why is it so important that they check out what your score really contains? Why do they care what kind of history you have?

Do You Have Debt?


The first thing they’re going to look at is do you have any debt. The company wants to know what your responsibilities are already. Do you owe a lot of money to people? Do you have several credit cards with balances on them or loans already that have balances? These could be current debts (meaning you’ve been making timely payments and there’s nothing overdue) but they still show that you have an obligation to someone else and wherever you’re getting a loan from is going to want to know that you don’t have too much outstanding debt already.

Are You Delinquent?

A stack of statements and invoices indicating a past due status on the accounts. Horizontal shot.

This is where the overdue debt comes in. The company wants to know, before they give you any money, if you are overdue on any of your payments. Do you have collections or discharged debt? Do you have garnishments or judgments against you related to your debt? These types of things say that you get money from people but you don’t always pay it back and car companies or specific loan companies are definitely wary about that. They don’t want to give money to someone that has a history of not paying it back. (If you’ve found yourself in a tight spot with finances in the past and still need a car loan however, you can find out more by checking here.)

Do You Have History?

1-introIf you don’t have a lot of credit history that’s going to play a role in whether you get the credit or not as well. Companies want to make sure that you have at least a reasonable amount of history (though what’s considered reasonable will vary based on the company). That’s because they want a good representation of what you’re going to do. If you’ve been paying like clockwork for three months that’s great, but how do they know that you’re going to maintain it over the long term? They don’t. And that’s why they want a little longer history of making proper payments.

Your credit report is going to play a big part in getting any type of credit from absolutely anyone. That’s why you want to make sure you’re keeping track of it as much as possible. Sure, things happen and you may find your score lower than you like, but if you’re conscious of that and you continue to work at it, you can always pull it back up again.